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Credentialing - BSI/MAS

Provider credentialing has become the foundation for all provider reimbursements.  If you have ever been involved with the credentialing process within the past few years, then you can appreciate how time-consuming and cumbersome of a task this can be.  As this is an integral part of the billing process for timely reimbursements, we have naturally become very familiar with this area as it has evolved into its own field requiring specified knowledge and due diligence in order to comply with individual insurance carriers' specific demands.  In an effort to help all providers maximize their reimbursements, whether they utilize our billing services or not, we offer credentialing service for both groups and individual providers. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can assist your practice with any credentialing needs.   

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Partnering with us provides an opportunity for practices to drastically reduce their overhead cost and increase revenue. Our experienced, certified coders are able to reduce coding errors. Our partners also enjoy peace of mind knowing that claims are submitted in a timely and persistent manner. 

Become a BSI & MAS partner today and let us reduce your overall administrative stress, so you can focus on what is important...your patients.

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